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Dear Mamang,
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 written @ 10:09 pm
3 left some love

            I really don't know why we don't have the same likes. You cannot understand me that's why we always ending up quarreling. You don't know how I always feel every time we argue. Parati akong naiinis sayo.

            I always wanted to be with you, kaso nga marami kang iniisip at wala kanang time para sa'kin, para sa'min. Ni hindi ko magawang magopen-up sayo about my feelings kasi alam ko naman kung anong sasabihin mo, ginawa ko na yan dati pero you ignored me and I don't want to feel that feeling again. Gusto ko ln nung Mom at the same time Friend. Yun bang kapag kelangan ko ng kausap pwede ikaw. Kaso nga. Basta yun na yun.

            Effort. Ito yung bagay na hindi mo man ln napupuna sa akin. I've tried my best to understand you because you are my Mom, pero did ever pass into your mind how I feel every time you ignored my efforts for you? Ma, I'm very concern about you. Mahal kita ma, sobraaaa. Did you ever thanked me for those things I made with love and efforts for you? Example na ln, kapag nagluluto ako. I always make my very best to cook and make my dish with great quality. Every time na iimbitahin kitang kumain, you always ignore me, busy ka actually... Busy magcomputer. Did you ever think of what I will feel? Alam mo namang hindi ako basta makakakain kapag hindi ka pa nakakain. Hindi ko makayang kumain na hindi pa kumakain yung Nanay ko. Kayo kaya? I know it's kinda isip bata pero ba when my father died nawalan s'ya ng time para sa amin. 3 years, 3years ln din akong nagpapapansin sa kanya para mapansin n'ya ako. Pero wala. WALA parin.

            Support. Ma, meron ka din ba nito? As far as I remember, wala man. :(
Why Ma? Why? Buti pa yung bunsong kapatid ko todo support ka sa mga bagay na gusto n'ya, ako kaya? Kelan kaya?

Hayy. I want to quit. Gagampanan ko na ln ang pagiging anak ko sayo.



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