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Harry Potter
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011 written @ 1:19 am
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Been to busy watching movies! Sorry for no updates. :) Promise if I have time, I'll update. :)

Harry Potter
Monday, 24 October 2011 written @ 5:25 pm
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I'm watching this now! :)

Forever Blogspot. ♥
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 written @ 2:06 am
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I will be forever loyal to Blogspot!

Someones is stalking on my Tumblr and doing some shits here in my Blogspot. You son of a bitch, get out. You're not welcome.

I don't care if I only have 1 follower, at least I have a lot of readers.

There's this new blog site who invaded the www. I'm talking about Tumblr okay? K. Teenagers become addicted to this and I admit I am one of them. I became addicted for almost 3mos. 3 months. Tumblr is okay as if the people around Tumblr are okay too, yes, some of them but mostly are not... I don't know why people around Tumblr are craving for followers. They blog for followers, notes and messages. As if your followers are reading your post. They will unfollow you if you would not update your blog for 3 days or a week. Would you love that kind of followers? NO. NO. NOOOO! Hell No! Duhh!~

I'll be forever Blogspot! Blogspot looks professional than Tumblr.

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