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I know it hurts but I should to.
Sunday, 9 October 2011 written @ 10:24 pm
6 left some love

I broke up with my Boyfriend last night. For the 2nd time. I couldn't take it anymore. I'm really hurt. It feels like a knife is stabbing my heart and it's bleeding that I couldn't control my feelings. No, I didn't cry. I'm strong. But I know deep inside my heart I want to burst out and just fade away that no one can find me. I'm so tired of those dramas. I've given him so many chances because I love him but it looks like he doesn't care. I know in my self I gave my best to make it work but to sum up our relationship I was the one who understands and not him. I know I am ready to let go and so I let him go. It's time to love my self now. I'm doing this for the reason to let him grow up alone, with out me. He's telling me this for so many times that he would do everything to make me happy, to grow up and think maturely but until now there's no changes and I'm so tired of waiting for nothing. I gave him all the love that he needed but he doesn't even bother to think of some ways to make me happy. I need it. I badly need it just to have the reason to stay even though its hard.

I'm still hoping that one day we could still try it once again and there will be still "US" in the future.



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