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Making my self busy just to ignore what I feel.
Tuesday, 11 October 2011 written @ 10:12 pm
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Making my self busy just to ignore what I feel. Breaking up with the one you really love is really hard but breaking up with him for the perfect reason is good. I'm finally moving on, I know it's not that easy but I should to. One day I will be okay.

Nowadays I begin to make some differences in my daily routine.
These are my ways on how would I forget my feelings even in a short time. At least I forget how pain is killing me inside.

Though I became "tulala" these past few days because of what happened still I'm thankful for what we have. I will treasure it forever. God knows how I love him, and God knows how I tried to do the very best for this relationship.

Hell-o Final Exams! Ughh. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be our Final Exams. On Saturday afternoon, we will be having our outing for sections 3 B&C. Yeaaahbuuh!

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